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We only make high quality furniture.
From its origins, Rius has developed from artisan cabinetmaker
to furniture manufacturer. But the essence of the work has always
stayed the same in that we still manufacture high quality furniture.

From his early youth, Francesc Rius familiarised himself with woodworking,
with cutting, design, the secrets of varnishes, different styles and different
epochs, until he could create unique and exclusive pieces.

We make the furniture entirely in our workshop following an unchanging process
of designing, sanding, cutting, carving, gluing, and finally varnishing.
The smallest detail is thought about and treated meticulously to obtain a
harmonious whole.

Rius furniture always maintains the spirit of the craftsman.

Our collections, timeless classics will bring elegance and the perfect touch
of distinction to your interior.
PALACE is designed for the most select
environments, meet the wishes of people with sophisticated tastes and
high standards.

We create new, original, customised collections for those people seeking

Today Rius is an established company which manufactures and distributes
its furniture to countries where quality is appreciated.
The manufacturing process of Rius furniture has been able to adapt to
new technologies, gaining efficiency in production while retaining the
know-how and tools of the craftsman, the essence of the furniture.

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